Promotional products for hotels

It is no wonder that we all are inclined to receiving free promotional products for hotels. The guests are always delighted to receive free hotel products from a hotel, and they cannot help but, recommend the hotel to their friends and relatives. However, if they are staying at a four-star or five-star hotel, and the hotel doesn’t offer you with free promotional products then, it may not turn favorable for the business. Let’s take a look at the promotional products that a hotel should offer to its customers:

Branded shampoo and conditioners

Guests travelling from long distances and crashing at your hotel are likely to ask for shampoos and conditioners. You can leverage on this opportunity, and place a couple of shampoos and conditioners branded with your hotel’s name. Guests are likely to take the small-sized shampoos and conditioner with them, so the name of your hotel would stay with them for a long time.

Branded pen

Keep a selection of pens branded and logoed with your hotel’s name and distribute them to your guests as soon as they enter your hotel. They would be pleased to receive promotional products from you, and they would be appreciative of this nice gesture on behalf of your business. Quick heads-up: pens are an effective form of promotional tools, and they play a crucial role in promoting your business.

Branded umbrellas

Guests often expect a hotel to provide them with interesting amenities that would make their stay at your hotel even pleasant. If your hotel is located in a location where it rains frequently then, you should keep branded umbrellas at your disposal to entertain your guests. It would create a positive influence on them, and it would prove beneficial for the reputation of your hotel’s business.